The Door Knocker …

With every knock, on every door, she’s not sure how she will be received.   

Will she be greeted by someone who sees her as “Liberal Scum”  she may be called a “Baby Killer” or be accused of  “Wanting to give away all my hard-earned money to lazy people” or sadly “Godless” because of her belief in freedom of religion as well as freedom FROM religion.

Or will she be greeted by someone who sees her as a “tRump Supporter” someone trying to “Take away Healthcare from those that need it most” or worse an “Ultra Christian” hating all that don’t follow and promote strict Christian principles.

Today she found me, “liberal scum” “godless” and supporter of affordable healthcare for all and most of all someone who has PURE disdain and REAL Fear of the 1%.


I’m at a loss as to how the VERY Smart people I know, do NOT see how we are all puppets for the 1%, how most everything in our lives help them get richer and how they have no interest in us, except for keeping us grasping for the newest, shiniest, freshest and most convenient of things available, the things that will be out of style, out dated, unappealing or just plain BROKEN within years if not months …


We consumers are wasting our precious resources of “funds” to keep up with the “latest and greatest” the shopping world has to offer.  All the while neglecting to see how our habits are influenced and promoted by those that are vying for our pennies, only to add to the millions and billions  already in their pockets.

And now our elected officials are giving “tax reductions” to everyone including 1%  and corporations, and using continued propaganda to make the “Common Folk” think “The Trickle Down Effect” will positively affect them … in truth any money you may be getting back will be spent (again) helping the 1% line their pockets …  and there is no “Trickle Down effect” … it’s another smoke and mirrors ploy to keeps us believing in (hoping for) some sense of “humanism” in those that “rule” our world.








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